Attendance Pok'emon

Pok'emon AttendancePok'emon AttendancePok'emon Attendance
Pok'emon AttendancePok'emon AttendancePok'emon Attendance
Price: $1.99

Pok’emon Smartboard Attendanceis a Smart Notebook software file for your smart board. This file is interactive and filled with great animation! Got to Catch them All!  The file is all set up and ready for you to get started. Pok’emon Attendance is a true time- saver all around. When your students arrive they tap their name on the smart board and they will see their Pok’emon fly into the catcher ball. Your students will be motivated to get their day started. There are 24 programmable characters and complete directions included with this file. Enjoy your animated attendance file.

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