Splat Game

Splat GameSplat GameSplat GameSplat Game
Splat GameSplat GameSplat GameSplat Game
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Game Objectives: Grade 5 Math,  Chapter 1

   This game is intended to be used with fifth graders after chapter 1 place value Addition and
Subtraction in the Scott Foresman Series of Mathematics.

Obj. The student will review place value from thousandths to billions, comparing and ordering
numbers and decimals, place value patterns, and estimation of larger numbers.
The NJCCS covered in this lesson: 4.1.C.1 ; 4.5.A.3 ; 4.1.B.2 ; 4.1.B.1 ; 4.5.A.4

Options: After playing this game you may reprogram the questions on the star pages and save under a new file name. I hope you and your students enjoy this FREE game.

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